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Due To Spotify’s Competition Claims, EU To Inspect Apple

The European Union (EU) might just trust that Spotify’s claim against Apple has any point. Recently, the Financial Times sources stated that EU competition commissioners have decided to introduce an antitrust inquiry. This inquiry is supposed to be into allegations that Apple unfairly obstructs Spotify and other competitors to Apple Music via App Store policies. The latest inquiry would begin in the “upcoming few weeks,” the outlet highlighted.

Both tech firms have refused to comment on the report. However, Apple has already rejected Spotify’s claims. The firm argued that Spotify was really driven by “monetary motivations” and wanted to take advantage of the App Store’s infrastructure with no contribution to it. Apple as well rejected concepts that it was privileging Apple Music on a software level, going thus far as to say it was talking to Spotify regarding Siri and AirPlay integrations.

On a similar note, Apple came into the news as in spite of earlier improvements, its controversial latest iPhone 11 design is going through criticism. Now, the firm’s current models were hit by a much more immediate issue. In the latest report, “Which?” has discovered that Apple is exaggerating the battery life of its iPhones by a huge margin. This is an extremely regarded UK consumer advocacy group similar to Consumer Reports in the U.S.

In a statement, the agency proclaimed, “Which? tested nine iPhone models. It discovered that all of them did not match with Apple’s battery time claims. In fact, Apple proclaimed that its batteries survived between 18% and 51% longer than the Which? results.” The largest discrepancy was in talk time. For instance, Apple claims that the iPhone XR offers up to 25 Hours of talk time. However, in tests by Which? it was successful in lasting for about 16 Hours 32 Minutes only.

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