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Due To Certificate Issue, Firefox Disallows Add-On Installation

Firefox is not permitting users to install any of the listed add-ons. In a forum post, Mozilla confirmed that the reason behind the same is a certificate issue. The firm added that the recent issue is as well responsible for disabling present add-ons and stopping users from enabling all installed add-ons on the browser. A huge number of users have reported the presence of the problem through numerous online platforms, such as Reddit and Twitter.

However, the latest issue doesn’t impact all Firefox users. The Firefox team is also offering updates using its Twitter account. While a general repair is yet to be published, Mozilla has begun rolling out a patch up with the help of its Studies system to allow installing of add-ons via a workaround. This week, the Firefox team tweeted that the firm is sorry for the recent problem it is having with add-ons. The firm added that it is working on this issue and will keep the users updated regarding the same.

On a similar note, Mozilla came into the news as it disclosed that it has published a novel guide. Reportedly, this guide holds significance as it will help to spot probable online interference ahead of the European Parliament elections. The latest guide involves tools to spot bot accounts on social media, as well as data on the EU, tips on how to spot misinformation online, and fact-checking resources.

Reports highlight that the European elections will be held on May 23, 2019. Recently, Twitter and Facebook as well have disclosed their own programs to target and stop possible election interference through their platforms. Mozilla proclaimed that its EU Elections Toolkit is produced to explicate the mechanisms of the Internet in “easy-to-understand language.” The firm added that the latest kit would assist users to make “independent, informed decisions.” The company said that the online manipulation of voter views is a rising issue.

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