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Dazzling Spiral Galaxy Image Captured By Hubble Telescope

A magnificent spiral galaxy image has been captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. Spiral galaxies are acknowledged to merge pinwheeling, spinning arms with dispersions of sparkling stars, gleaming bursts of gas, and entwining, dark lanes of cosmic dust, as per NASA that released the striking picture. The galaxy, dubbed NGC 2903, is situated around 30 million light-years far-off in the constellation of Leo the Lion, stated NASA. It was assessed as an element of a Hubble study of the central areas of approximately 145 close-by disk galaxies.

Lifted-off in 1990 into low Earth orbit, Hubble is a joint assignment of the European Space Agency and NASA. Over the years, it has snapped several stunning pictures of space. As per NASA, “This study intended to assist astronomers to better comprehend the association between the black holes that prowl at the centers of galaxies such as these ones and the rugby-ball-shaped bulge of gas, dust, and stars at the core of the galaxy—as observed in this picture.”

On a similar note, recently, the Hubble Space Telescope discovered new proof of an atypical molecule: wiggly buckyballs—that have tantalized astrophysicists as they were found in space almost a decade ago. These supersize molecules, named Buckminsterfullerene, are composed of 60 carbon atoms connected together in hexagons and pentagons to create a hollow globe. These structures’ shape is much similar to a soccer ball, or akin to the geodesic domes developed by Richard Buckminster Fuller, the 20th-century architect and the motivation for the name of the molecule. Initially, Buckyballs were speckled in space in 2010 in the form of a gas, and then in 2012 as particles. And Hubble has now dotted the foremost proof of charged buckyballs covering in the slim plumes of dust and gas that flow between stars, called the interstellar medium, as reported by researchers in the new study.

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