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Dan Goldberg States, Telesat To Get Constellation Proposals

Dan Goldberg, CEO, Telesat, proclaimed that the two competitors to manufacture the firm’s constellation of broadband satellites have almost finalized their designs. In the coming months, they are supposed to submit proposals. Maxar Technologies–Thales Alenia Space as well as Airbus Defence and Space team is in competition for an anticipated $3 Billion deal. Goldberg proclaimed that the firms are about to complete nine-month’s research focused on the process of satellites production and how these satellites will interoperate with ground systems once they enter in orbit.

During an earnings call, Goldberg said, “Next up would be getting commercial proposals from both of these prospective suppliers.” He added that this will happen at some point over the course of this summer. Goldberg said that Telesat requires those plans before it can precisely gauge the price of deploying the low Earth orbit satellite system.

On a similar note, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) came into the news as it disclosed that it has received a request by SpaceX. Reportedly, this request by the firm is to start launching spacecraft for its Starlink broadband network to a lower orbit than earlier proposed. Reportedly, this would overrule protests by contenders and clear a huge regulatory obstacle before the launch of the initial batch of Internet satellites from Cape Canaveral in May 2019.

This week, the regulatory agency approved SpaceX’s plan to fly over 1,500 of its Starlink spacecraft at an altitude of about 550 Kilometers. Initially, these satellites were planned to orbit at the height of about 1,150 Kilometer. Gwynne Shotwell, President, Chief Operating Officer, SpaceX, proclaimed that the latest approval underscores the FCC’s faith in SpaceX’s strategies to deploy its advanced-generation satellite constellation and link global population with affordable & reliable broadband service.” He added that Starlink production is well in progress and the initial group of satellites has already reached at the launch site for processing.

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