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Self-Poisoning Suicide Attempts Increased Over 2 Times In Teens

A new research from the Central Ohio Poison Center and Nationwide Children’s Hospital found suicide attempts rates by self-poisoning amongst teens have increased more than 2 times in the U.S. in the past decade. The rate has increased more than 3 times for young women and girls.

The research, posted online in the Journal of Pediatrics, examined the cases and results from intentional self-poisoning suspected-suicide in young adults and children from 2000–2018 ages 10–24 years old. In the time period of 19 Years for the study, there were over 1.6 Million intentional self-poisoning suspected-suicide cases in young adults and youth reported in the U.S. Over 71% (1.1 Million) of those were women.

“The harshness of results in adolescents has also elevated, particularly in 10–15-year-olds,” claimed Henry Spiller, co-author of the research and director at Nationwide Children’s Hospital for the Central Ohio Poison Center. “In overall youth, from 2010–2018 there was a 141% elevations in self-poisoning attempts reported in the U.S., which is concerning.”

Speaking of teen health, use of performance-improving steroid can elevated the danger of addiction and cocaine employment in youths, as per a new rodent research. The mixture of these drugs can also impair fertility in teen females. The study was shown at Experimental Biology 2019 at the APS’ (American Physiological Society) yearly meeting in Orlando.

Athletes most of the times employ anabolic steroids to drive performance. Apart from building muscle, performance-improving drugs have been discovered to impact behavior and mood, comprising risk-taking actions. Earlier study has displayed that almost 1/3rd of teens who employ anabolic steroids also employ cocaine. This speed is considerably more than the almost 5% of teens who employ cocaine but do not consume anabolic steroids. Even though there seems to be a connection between use of anabolic steroid and the tendency to employ other addicting drugs in adults, it has not been well-researched in youths.

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