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Facial Recognition Tech’s Mistreat In Oregon Puts Amazon In A Hot Soup

Facial recognition is currently one of the commonly used technologies for maintaining high-end security in the trespass restricted areas. A sheriff’s office located in Washington County was the first law enforcement organization to use Amazon’s facial recognition tool named “Rekognition.” In March 2019, the office permitted the journalists to use its cars and other facilities in order to scrutinize the technology’s impact on renovating cops’ operations. The observations led to the disclosure that the cops made use of the technology higher than expected by Amazon such as recognizing the unconscious suspects, people denying self-identification, dead individuals, and even the face sketches released by the police. The misuse of the tech by law enforcement can very clearly be seen.

The online retail giant has strictly ordered the officials or any law enforcement agencies to use Rekognition only in cases where there is a 99% match obtained. However, the company has clarified that running the police sketches through the tech is not going to violate any norms, but instead keep an eagles eye on the obtained results so as to pay attention to minute details related to the matches. The officials have been told to check for the search-confidence metric while using the system for attaining high accuracy. The misuse of the tech is currently the major issue that needs to be sorted to avoid any further complications.

It has been confirmed by AI that matching photographs with sketches generally provides a lot of false results. The investigations based on these false results can lead to a lot of chaos in complicated cases. There is no evidence supporting that the computer analysis facts are truthful. Hence, a thorough analysis in an investigation is important as there are civil rights issues attached. The consent to scans is been stripped of the people refusing identity or unconscious suspects. The innocent people arrest and violation of the civil rights are something the law enforcement officials are least bothered off. Police forces in the UK spent around £200,000 on the controversial facial recognition trial that turned into a failure as no arrest or figure revelations were made. The failure of the trial has baffled the government over the use of the tech.

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