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About 1000 Amazon Workers Stage Walk Out In Climate Change Protest

Collective action of Amazon employees called “Amazon Employees for Climate Justice” is likely to result in a walkout by 1000 employees on September 20, 2019 to express their protest for company’s lack of steps to curb climate change. Details of a letter posted by the group online says that, Amazon should take a strong stand and solid steps for managing climate change as the world’s most powerful company in the world. This walkout will be held just before Global Climate Change Strike, a one week event being held across the world simultaneously that encourages employees to walk out of their work places to create awareness among their employees.

Amazon currently employs 600,000 people across the globe so this group is quite insignificant but it is making massive demands. It include stop donations to political parties and lobbyists that does not accept existence of climate change, do not give contracts to fossil fuel firms, start testing electric vehicles in places whose environment have been affected the most by Amazon’s projects, Amazon should become a zero emission company by 2030.

The group stated that as one of world’s most innovative companies, Amazon should be the first to reach zero emissions and become a flag bearer of climate change.

In response to the letter the company told to newspersons that it is committed to reducing climate change and has sustainability teams working on development of innovative ways to reduce environmental impact of its business activities. It recently launched Shipment Zero program to help reduce zero carbon emissions by 2030 for nearly half of its shipments. Amazon also stated that due to sustainable packaging program it eliminated more than 244,000 tons of packaging materials and reduced shipping boxes by 500 million. CEO Bezos affirmed that climate change is a burning issue and several initiatives are being explored by Amazon to meet its challenges.

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