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Huawei Rolls Out 1st 5G Capable Smartphone, Despite Pressure From The US

Huawei’s first smartphone is capable of hosting a 5G network was put up for sale in China during the last week as the company plans to go ahead with their product in spite of retaliation from the US.5G technology is a next generation network system that promises to deliver super-fast network speed along with the capability of bringing forward futuristic technologies like a driverless cars.

The Mate 20 X 5G by Huawei costs approximately $880. This went up for sale last Friday. This device has the capability of connecting to the new 5G network. China is expected to come out with its 5G technology towards the end of 2020. Huawei wished to be ahead of the other competition: Apple has still not released its new 5G phones. The Galaxy Note 10 from Samsung is set to host its new 5G technology has still not been released in China.

Huawei, the tech giant in China is primarily focusing on the internal market due to the pressure from the U.S. The maker of telecoms equipment is in the blacklist of the U.S. economy under the Entity List. This restricts the American firms from giving raw materials to Huawei. Huawei received a 90 day reprieve where some restrictions previously imposed were relaxed. The WSJ and Reuters said that the government of U.S. wants to extend the period of the license that is going to allow the American firms to do business with Huawei.

Neil Shah, the Director of Research from Counterpoint said that China has gained a lot of popularity while the U.S. is taking steps to stop the products of Huawei through multiple sanctions. Huawei has transported a record breaking number of mobiles in China during the second quarter. According to data from IDC, a research firm, that said that this country was responsible for more than 62% of all the shipments that Huawei makes.

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