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Your Streaming Bill Is Soon Likely To Explode As CBS, Viacom Join Hands

Earlier it used to be easy to shun antenna and cables and opt for free TV shows and hundreds of movies on Hulu, Netflix and Amazon. Then these channels started charging extra money for these shows and movies. So ultimately there has not been much cost cutting in this arena of entertainment. Now the charges might get higher. Market analysts are expecting a rise in the streaming charges because Viacom Media and CBS have decided to merge. Their new endeavor in the streaming business is more like that of Apple, Disney, AT&T and NBC Universal.

CBS is the owner of Showtime and CBS TV Network. On the other hand, Viacom is the owner of MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon. Both these channels have not been much interested in online steaming till recent days. For example, Viacom TV channels are not available on YouTube or on VUE (the Sony playstation). Similarly CBS denied showing its shows on Hulu. On the other hand, ABC, Fox and NBC prime time shows are available on Hulu.CBS has its own online streaming service, CBS All Access. All the prime time shows from the network and special original All Access shows like Star Trek and sequel of The Good Wife are available on its streaming channel.

Similar action has been taken by Viacom through Pluto. This network was bought by Viacom in the month of January; it cost the company $340 million. On this streaming network, viewers can enjoy the hit shows from Viacom, like the Wahlburgers. Now, due to the merger, the Viacom shows will be available on CBS All Access and the CBS Fare shows will be shown on Pluto. This news from the media giants Viacom and CBS is not increasing the rates of the existing streaming channels like NBC or Netflix.

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