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Amazon Now Deploying Scout Robots For Shipment Tasks In California

Earlier, a shipment of packages used to be a concept only seen in science fiction movies. But recently, this impossible task has finally been brought to real life by the developers of Amazon by the testing and trials of their upcoming delivery automation model of scout delivery robots, at their manufacturing base in Washington DC. If the test operations and safety diagnostics are accomplished successfully, then these delivery robots will be put to industrial-scale manufacture within the next few years.

As per the future prospect of the usage of these scout delivery robots, the developers of Amazon Inc. have stated that their tasks shall be limited to delivering packages and product during daytime, also assisted by an Amazon employee who shall be supervising the functioning of the bot, thus noting down the accuracies and errors, if any. With the experimentation of these robots getting extended from Washington to California, there is a hint that the test results proved to be good enough for an extended test check, and have been successful so far.

According to Amazon’s current thought on the extended test trial, the scout robots memory system shall be synchronized only to the order purchase by the customer residing in Irvine area, California. Initially, the deliveries shall be conducted via either a delivery person or an Amazon employee accompanied by a scout robot, to analyze the delivery mechanism of the employee. Once the robot becomes accustomed to the delivery process, it shall then be deployed for full-fledged shipment tasks. Currently, combinations of real-world trials, as well as simulated city tours, are being done at Amazon to make the bots adapt to real-life location mappings.

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