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Ground Systems Upgrade To Meet Challenges Of 5G, Satellites

Back in 2015, Spire Global had been building a cubesats constellation for gathering weather and maritime data. During that time, the startup constructed its very own UHF network of ground station. Nowadays, most startups do not consider constructing their personalized ground systems owing to their heavy dependence on the growing array of companies which specialize in the handling of data flow between ground networks and satellites.

According to Mike Carey, who is the chief officer of strategy and co-founder at Atlas Space Operations, majority of the satellite flyers as well as data collectors do not seem to be too inclined to spend energy on ground solutions because of the disconnect with their core capabilities or interest or capabilities. The company, based out of Michigan’s Traverse City, deals in providing the service of satellite communications. The organization has observed traffic away from firms that build their personal networks, with an increase in reliance on models that are service-based.

The business of ground systems has changed drastically in the recent past, owing to a massive surge in volumes of data, fresh competition and advanced technology. More change can be expected with steady multiplication in the number of constellations populating the low orbit of Earth as well as increased collection and transmission of data by individual satellites.

As per Stefan Gustafsson, the quantity of data that comes from satellites can be expected to increase several folds in the next 10 years. Gustafsson is the Senior VP for Swedish Space Corp.’s sustainable business and strategy division. To keep up, companies are required to implement new methodologies for transferring data to Earth from space, along with increased focus on the entire chain’s data management to the customer from satellite. This will include both ground stations as well as onboard the satellites. Several specialists in ground systems are taking up technology for speeding up the movement of data to ground from satellites.

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