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China Dominates Over US, South Korea, And Finland In Terms Of 5G Patents

All the globally developed innovators are rushing to patent their researches, turning them into royalty profits for their shareholders. According to the latest research report released by patent analytics firm iPlytics, “China has been leading till now in 5G patents filing with nearly one-third of the global 5G patent filings.

Based on the estimations until March 2019, China has been holding 34% of the globally major 5G patent applications, followed by South Korea with 25% of patent applications. The U.S. and Finland have been holding 14% of overall 5G patent filings. Sweden stood at almost 8%, Japan was at nearly 5%, whereas Canada, Taiwan, the U.K., Italy, and six other countries are holding 1% patent share each.

According to individual company filings, Chinese tech giant, Huawei, seems to be at the leading position with over 15% of the global 5G patent shareholdings, Finland-based Nokia is also competing robustly with almost 14% of global 5G patent shares, and Samsung is close to 13%. Even, LG is also planning to boom through the 5G market with filing over 12%. Sweden-based Ericsson and the U.S. top branded chipmaker, Qualcomm, are holding nearly 8% of 5G patent filings. While, Intel is lagging behind in this race by grabbing just 5% shares.

On a related note, Huawei is banned by the governments of several nations. Still, the company’s market valuation and performance have been progressing at a great pace. Recently, Qualcomm revealed that it would receive its pending amount of $4.5–4.7 Billion from Apple alone, in the form of 4G patent royalty payments from the last two years.

According to the sources familiar with this matter, “Huawei is looking to expand its business now by launching the first global 5G television, which supports 8K display—comprising 16 times more pixels than an ultra HD display.” However, the company has not officially revealed anything yet.

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