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Trump Wants FTC And FCC Take Major Role In Policing Tech Giants

The White House has become stricter in closely analyzing the social media firms. In fact, Trump administration has made a full-fledged executive order asking Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission to take up responsibility in checking upon tech giants on accused censorship issues. The proposal has been termed as Protecting Americans from Online Censorship. It would require FCC to draft new rules for the social media platforms and figure out ways to delete or frame suppress posts. This would be followed by FTC for using those policies in probes into the firms.

Twitter, Facebook, Google, FTC and FCC all denied making any comments. Even the White House has not said anything further regarding this. This order would make the protection of Facebook, Google and other tech giants vulnerable which they till now get due to Section 230 under Communications Decency Act which is an act under Telecommunications Act in 1996. This particular law protects these companies from dealing with any liability issues for the contents posted on platforms by several users.

This draft proposal has come after President Trump along with several Republican leaders has started accusing tech giants for the recent anticonservative bias. In fact, at the beginning of the week, Trump made a tweet saying he has been observing Google very closely. He also went on to blame Google without any solid evidence of promoting or suppressing contents on political matters. This aggression against Google is not new. In August 2018, Trump had accused Google of boosting negative stories regarding him. He even told reporters that Google has taken advantage of people to a huge extent. Google, Facebook and Twitter had been messing up their territories and they should be careful. During May, a website has been launched by White House where political censorship can be complained about.

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