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Electrify America To Employ Robots To Charge Self-Driving Electric Vehicles

As electric and self-driving vehicles improve, one basic question stays: How will autonomous electric vehicles link to charging stations? Volkswagen-supported Stable Auto and Electrify America expect to answer that. The two firms are collaborating together to design robotic charging stations for autonomous vehicle fleets.

Their first pilot test will happen in San Francisco. The autonomous charging station will let self-driving EV cars to link to 150kW DC fast chargers from Electrify America without intervention from humans. The vehicles will park themselves within a standard parking site, and bots from Stable will get them connected to the power source.

“Autonomous cars will have a major role in the coming period for driving, specifically with fleets, and customized charging options for self-driving electric vehicles will be essential to design that effort,” claimed director at Electrify America for infrastructure planning, Wayne Killen, to the media in an interview. The pilot program will let the firms to try the back-end solutions, hardware, and possible business models. If all goes as per the plan, it is anticipated to be ready by early next year.

On a related note, the first electric motorcycle by Harley-Davidson will soon hit the market, and while the bike will have a longer range as compared to what as expected first, you will still require hooking it up to a charger once in a while with 140 Miles of range on a sole charge. To assist you save on electricity charges, Harley is providing free charging for users in the US.

You will get 2 years of free charging at ChargePoint stations at participating dealers from Harley, and you will receive 500 kWh of charging service at stations from Electrify America. That must assist mitigate the $29,799 cost of the bike a bit, assuming you live sufficiently close to a dealership to make the trip valuable.

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