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EEE Case Detected, Risk Level Raised To Critical In Some Parts Of Massachusetts

During the ongoing time of the year, it has been observed that Mosquitoes collectively have been causing a considerable amount of nuisance for the residents.

The residents have complained that the mosquitoes have been causing a lot of inconvenience during nights and most of them have to turn to the use of a large amount of bug spray to protect themselves from the mosquitoes.

Some mosquitoes have been found to be dangerous as a human case of EEE which is short for Eastern Equine Encephalitis has been detected and confirmed. The infected is a man who belonging to the southern part of the Plymouth County and is 60 years of age. The confirmation of the outbreak was confirmed by the Public health department of Massachusetts.

The news comes as a shock since the last time such an illness was detected was six years ago in 2013.

EEE, an illness which is mosquito borne, is a very serious and rear disease and can potentially turn out to be deadly. The Department of Public Health has as a reaction to the detection and has begun warning people asking them to stay protected against mosquitoes.

People have been advised to wear long-sleeved clothes and to use bug spray with DEET to keep the bugs away.

As of now no case has been reported from Western Massachusetts to have been detected with the virus, a resident has said that the mosquitoes were still dangerous in spite of the bug spray

The department has also advised to stay away from outdoor activities specially during dawn and dusk and also to not let there be standing water in their yard

The department has also in raised the level of risk in 9 communities in southeastern Massachusetts. The risk level has been raised to critical.

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