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Adobe’s Next Product Launch To Be Focusing On Altered Reality Experience

Adobe software developers will be taking a giant leap towards image development and creativity by launching three new Adobe application by the end of the year, thus being great news for image editors looking for better creativity provisions. As per the statements by chief technology officer Abhay Parasnis, the upcoming applications shall be a unison between real-life physical features along with digital provisions as well and shall be providing new alteration and editing features that have been seen before. Since a lot of consumers have faced some problems on transferring saved document from Adobe application to its software version, therefore synchronization between them is also ensured.

Adobe has put emphasis on the gradual advancement in every product endorsement they have ever made: Be it Aero, Fresco, Photoshop on the iPad, and have claimed that they would further perfecting their image alteration programs to such excellence that one day it shall become even impossible for professionals to detect the inaccuracies at an edited image, thereby hinting at their future project named as Glasswing which is expected to introduce mixed-reality display prototype creating a 3D simulation while incorporating the features of  the layers of Adobe software on a transparent screen.

Fresco has been an eight-year long process of bringing the watercolour and oil paint effects from a canvas to a screen, by using Adobe Sensei’s AI platform. The first prototype required high GPU requirements to prevent lagging, followed by extensive research and efforts to ensure that the application shall not overconsume the battery and the performance levels. On the contrary project Aero, another upcoming Adobe service has a completely different working purpose where editors no longer required to have programming skills in order to achieve excellence in image alterations. What’s exciting is to see what Adobe has got for its consumers in the upcoming future.

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