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Lego Comes Out With Toys Made From Sustainable Materials

As demanded by millennial parents, Lego is now aiming to build sustainable and safe toys for kids. Lego has introduced a new tree house kit which is made with plant based materials and is a huge step aiming towards growth of toy industry.

It is told by a representative of Lego, Denmark that the plant based kit is much more than just a building blocks kit as firm is aiming towards fulfilling their goal that says by 20130, they will make Lego products completely sustainable. This plant kit is Lego’s most environment friendly kit they have ever built and all these 200 pieces in the kit are made from polyethylene which is produced from sugar cane.

Environment Sustainability Vice President, Tim Brooks said that they were proud of Lego which can be rebuilt with time. He added that they wanted to see what can be done about sustainability and that they had been working hard to make sustainable toys.

Editorial Director of Toy Insider and Toy Book, Jackie Breyer said that millennial were now more aware of their impact on environment than their previous generations. He added that they felt the need to teach people that they could make this world a better place by buying sustainable toys and willing to pay more for it.

A data tracking firm, Nielsen has reported that since 2014, environment conscious shoppers have increased the sale of sustainable products by 20% and by 2021, $150 billion are expected to be spent on sustainable goods.

A report by Prodigy works and The Toy Association published in May stated that millennial parents want their kids to play with more eco-friendly toys and games and they were seeking especially for biodegradable toys. Major toy firms like Habro, Play-Doh and Mattel are also taking notes from this revolutionary step.

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