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Blood Test Will Help Identify People At Risk Of Alzheimer’s Before Onset

Researchers are one step ahead in identifying individuals at greater risk of Alzheimer’s before the manifestation of its symptoms. US scientists have developed the way but more studies are needed in this context to authenticate the results.

Two decades prior to the manifestation of Alzheimer symptoms, buildup of detrimental clusters of a protein begins in the brain of the individual. As of now, this buildup can be ascertained through a high-priced and time taking brain scan called positron emission tomography.

In the course of the study, researchers assessed quantities of a protein named amyloid beta in blood of about 158 individuals aged 50 and plus and compared it to levels obtained through brain scans. In 88% of the cases the levels matched but this was not sufficiently accurate for a diagnostic test. Inclusion of two more risk factors such as the age exceeding 65 years and presence of genetic variant named APOE4 in the concerned individual enhanced the blood test accuracy to 94%. Senior study author felt that this could now act as an effective screening test instead of the costlier brain scans.

Individuals with such a sign of early onset of Alzheimer’s can participate in clinical trials for drug testing programs. However, researchers also cautioned that presence of amyloid deposits is merely a characteristic of Alzheimer’s but not restrictive solely to the disease.

In any case, the screening test will boost dementia research by promoting clinical trials which ultimately is aimed at developing drugs for prolonging onset of the disease. More in-depth studies are needed to authenticate the blood test. Development of an accurate blood test is one goal aimed by researchers for long and the use of additional two risk factors to reinforce the test is an inspiring fact.

Formulation of life-altering Alzheimer’s drugs is the urgent need of the hour and investing in such research is going to make it happen!

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