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1st Private Chinese Firm iSpace Successfully Makes It To The Orbit

The private investments in the space programs are catching speed these days as iSpace, a firm from China successfully sent a rocket to orbit this Thursday and by doing this, it became the first Chinese private firm to successfully reach the orbit. The launch took place at a space station in Gobi desert.

iSpace otherwise known as the Beijing Interstellar Glory space technology ltd. successfully launched their Hyperbola-1 launch vehicle on July 25, 2019. This was a test flight but still carried a small radio satellite called CAS-7b, and a tech verification payload for CCT (China Central Television) into an altitude orbit of 300 km. On the upper stage, three small payloads are also attached.

Although there have been 2 previous attempts by private Chinese companies Landscape and OneSpace to have a successful launch but both of them failed. They both made use of solid propellant rockets for the launch. Hyperbola-1 despite delays was successful in creating an impact on the growing space industry.

Now talking about the launch vehicle i.e. Hyperbola-1, it consisted of 3 main solid stages and the 4th stage was liquid propelled. It had a height of 20.8 meters and a total mass at the time of takeoff was somewhere around 31 metric tons. There was little to no build-up about the launch except that the sponsors of the launch Chang’ an Automobile Co. Ltd. posted that the Hyperbola-1 has been delivered to the Jiuquan launch center.

iSpace consisted of a team of 120 members. They have been the leading company in Chinese space industry with lots of investment into their work from a lot of major Chinese businesses like Baidu, Matrix Partners China, CDH investments etc.

The recent rise of Chinese space industry is due to the relaxations in space policy by the Chinese government which aims at bringing public and private funded companies together to ensure Chinese dominance on space industry in the near future.

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