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Starship Prototype Flies Untethered For The 1st time

In a recent event, SpaceX conducted a successful hop test of its Starship prototype. Back on July 25, the prototype named as Starhopper made first hop test at Boca Chica, which is situated in the South of Texas. The company was forced to abort the test a day earlier due to some technical glitch. A raptor engine of Starhopper was ignited before midnight; the firing of the engine took place long before the actual test. The main objective of the test was that the Starship Prototype has to hop somewhat around 20 meters in the air.

While using one of the social media platforms, CEO Elon Musk stated that the test flight of Starhopper was a success. He also conveyed his happiness by stating that even water towers could be made to fly. On Friday, Musk also posted a video about raptor engine as well as that of test hop.

SpaceX had designed Starhopper to test essential technologies which were planned for Starship as well as Super Heavy outer space vehicle. It is a launch system which can manage more payload in comparison to NASA’s moon rocket named Saturn V. Starship designed by SpaceX is capable of carrying near about 100 in a single trip. The company is planning to make Starship as the prime vehicle during trips to Mars as well as moon.

Elon Musk also stated that the vehicle may also become as a source for travel around the planet. SpaceX streamed live video of its recent hop test over the internet. While talking about earlier cancellation of mission tests Musk stated that high pressure inside the chamber was the main cause, which happened due to propellant which is colder than usual.

Right after successful hop test Musk stated that Starhopper will aim near about 200 meters height during upcoming weeks. Musk also stated that he will provide update on systems’ designed and programs related to Starship.

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