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FaceApp’s Privacy Terms are scarier than Facebook, here’s how it compares!

In case you feel that the conditions and terms of FaceApp are problematic, you should probably check out the same for Facebook or other social network websites. The momentary popularity of FaceApp is undeniable right now. In fact, it is the reason for everyone on one’s Facebook timeline seeming to have grown 60 years older over-night. Fans have been using the hashtag called #faceappchallenge for sharing their transformations on their internet pages.

However, while the U.S. people are using the tool for selfie-editing for making themselves appear crinklier and older, there has been an ongoing controversy about how this particular Russian startup has been handling user privacy.

Chuck Schumer, who is a top democrat at the Senate level, has urged the FBI as well as the Commission of Federal Trade to probe into whether this app might pose national privacy and security risks towards millions of citizens of the U.S. Further, the National Committee of Democracy had urged 2020 campaigns to refrain from using FaceApp, which is of Russian origin.

According to FaceApp’s statement to CNBC, it does not share or sell any data of users with any third party company. In addition, no data of users is being transferred to Russian lands. FaceApp also commented that only one particular selected photo gets uploaded into the app. This came as the response to certain claims that the app has gained access to the user’s entire image library. In fact, the company has promised to remove data of users from its servers in case they request for the same.

Photo privacy has always been one valid concern. However, Facebook’s service terms are quite similar to that of FaceApp’s. During your usage of Facebook, you essentially provide permission to that social media for using your profile picture, name as well as your action information on Facebook in connection to offers, ads or other content that has been sponsored.

In fact, in the past, Facebook has been riddled with controversy regarding privacy. The social network giant has a lot more information regarding its users as compared to simply a few selfies. As a result, updating of your Facebook status for expressing your concerns regarding FaceApp is actually a digital equivalent of jumping into the sea and then complaining that you got wet.

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