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Google Extends Its Sound Amplifier To Android Marshmallow And Above

Google’s accessibilities function that assists improve volume for those who have hearing issue, Sound Amplifier, is now accessible for gadgets with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and further. The functionality was earlier declared at Google I/O last year, and rolled out in February 2018 first on Android 9 Pie.

Sound Amplifier lets you to regulate frequencies to tailor sound from your headsets, letting you to minimize background noise and emphasize foreground sounds. The functionality now also displays a green visualization that shows real-time sound, so you can regulate how much audio you need to boost or reduce.

These customizations can be particularly useful when you enter different surroundings, such as a restaurant, noisy concert, during busy commutes, or movie theater. The support Sound Amplifier is accessible for handsets with Android 6 Marshmallow and further beginning this week.

On a related note, earlier Google launched Live Transcribe. The feature is fairly self-explanatory. The UI is extremely easy—as soon as the app opens, it will start transcribing, with huge white text on dark wallpaper. You can also exchange the color combination by turning off the Dark Theme and the font size can be changed as well.

There are a few additional functions in the app that make it simpler for those who have hearing issues. For instance, there is haptic feedback so that if somebody’s speaking to you from behind, the handset will vibrate to notify you that somebody is speaking with you. There is also a loudness pointer in the right corner at the top, with an outer and inner circle. If the inner ring gets really huge, that indicates you are in a mainly noisy surrounding, telling the consumer that the other individual will have to talk louder in order for the application to work. It will also allow the deaf people know that they will have to talk louder to be heard.

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