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AWS Rolls Out A New Feature To Assist You Optimize Your EC2 Resources

Here is a tiny but possibly useful update if you are an AWS EC2 user. The firm this week rolled out a new function dubbed as “EC2 Resource Optimization Recommendations.” This feature does exactly what the name states. It is not showy, it is not particularly exciting, but it might just save your company and you a noteworthy amount of cash.

The resource optimization feature will see at your EC2 employment and offer you tailored suggestions to find underutilized and idle instances. To do this, it sees at your CloudWatch metrics, employment history, and your current reservations.

When it detects an inactive instance (one that has less than 1% utmost CPU usage), the feature will suggest that you close it down. No shock there. When it detects underutilized instances, it will show you with 3 different sizes that you can shift to which will likely fit your employment patterns better as compared to your present plan.

One caution: this tool presently operates for all normal EC2 instances, but it is not accessible for GPU-supported instances still.

This new function is now accessible to all AWS consumers. You can see it in the Cost Management suite for AWS, where it will join the remaining tools by AWS for tacking your budget and how you are investing it.

On a related note, AWS earlier claimed that it is launching ARM-supported servers for its EC2 cloud computing platform. The supposed “Graviton” chipset is already energy-competent versus the Intel-supported processors employed by other cloud storage behemoths such as IBM and Microsoft. But Amazon states that it has further enhanced the ARM cores for performance as well as cost, targeting at scale-out workloads that can be spread all over different smaller instances (similar to containerized microservices and web tier apps).

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