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More Evidence Needed To Test Efficacy Of Micro-Dosing Psychedelic Drugs

Doctors are prescribing N,N-dimethyltryptamine or psilocybin in small quantities to patients who are suffering from mental and other bodily ailments. During one study scientists reported several health benefits of Ayahuasca as well as magic mushrooms which are used to treat several mental disorders while keeping the side effects caused by conventional methods at bay.

On various online forums this treatment also been appraised to cause improvement in mood, energy levels, stress management, cognitive skills, visual capabilities, productivity and relationships. Previously, Steve Jobs also praised LSD for cognition as well as creativity.

During an interview with the media, Professor David Nutt said that medical science is still unclear about micro-dosing like what is its main constituent, how often one should acquire it and whether there are several side effects related to it.

Professor Nutt led a team which found three components which clearly define micro-dosing. They came to know about multiple dosing procedure with the intention for improving cognitive skills and emotional process as well as how low dose doesn’t hinder proper brain functioning.

For the report, Professor Nutt chose psilocybin as it is considered to mimic various other psychedelic compounds which are clinically approved. Professor Nutt stated that studies on humans as well as on animals aren’t enough to find benefits of micro-dosing. Researchers also pointed out possible risk of cardio vascular disease. In few studies, it is also stated that psilocybin also targeted serotonin’s receptors which provide aid in learning and cognitive skills.

Researchers have stated that due to several legal issues they aren’t able to test LSD and like drugs clinically. They further hope that the following review might influence clinical trial. Professor Nutt further added that most of the researchers who are working in psychedelic research area are approached by media and they are questioned about the topic of micro-dosing.

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