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Insta Wants To Make It Easy For Users By Removing ‘Likes’ Count

From now on, Instagram will be hiding the count of likes received on posts when it comes to certain countries, such as Japan and Australia, so as to do away with the pressure users are subjected to. Currently, users of Instagram are able to see the running count of people having liked a particular post. The trial version will witness users seeing only the user name, accompanied by “and others” tag below posts.

Users on Instagram will still be able to view the count of likes that is received by the photos or videos they share themselves. Right now, there is a rising concern regarding platforms of social media potentially contributing to low levels of self-esteem as well as emotions of inadequacy among young people.

This type of a trial was launched by Instagram in Canada back in May. Further, new tests of this version are being rolled out in New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Ireland, Brazil and Japan, as per reports given by the company to BBC.

While giving a statement, the policy director for Facebook New Zealand and Australia expressed hope of this test removing the pressure regarding the number of likes that a post might receive, so that an individual can concentrate on sharing things he or she loves. Further, she considers the goal is to make users feel comparatively less judged while assessing the impact of this change on helping people focus more on expressing their story instead of worrying about likes.

Instagram has assured that this test will not affect the business tools of measurement. In addition, users will still be able to keep track of the people who like content posted by other people by simply clicking on it. During initial runs of the test in Canada, the chief of Instagram, Adam Mosseri reiterated the aim of minimizing online posting stress.

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