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UK MPs Ask For Suspension Of Using Facial Recognition By Police

In a recent event, The House of Commons Science and Technology said that automated face recognition trial should come to a halt altogether till relevant regulations aren’t in a proper place. They further stated that the facial recognition technique is inaccurate to some extent and is biased.

As per report released by the committee it is stated that it is not known whether police authority isn’t aware that they are supposed to review images in custody in every six years or they are struggling to inculcate such rule.

MPs stated a warning that even people who are innocent can get their photographs in facial recognition which is used by police in public area to stop as well as arrest a suspect. The committee further stated that it has pointed out similar concerns last year but Home Office had made a little progress in this regard. Furthermore, a commission has been made by Scottish Executive for using and storing of biometric data.

Earlier Elizabeth Denham stated that the real-time facial recognition process has raised several issues related to data protection as well as privacy; moreover they can breach laws related to data protection. Tony Porter stated that citizens of UK are living in a society where people get logged, they aren’t trusted and signatures are thoroughly tracked.

Ethics group further stated that if faces of several ethnicity viz. Asian, Black and female faces get represented in database then the bias will be forwarded for technological use by operators. The group further stated that they had called government to provide moratorium with respect to the face recognition technique and there shouldn’t be any more trials until the introduction of legislative framework as well as proper guidance is provided for trial protocols.

Areeq Chowdhury said that before the police department starts to use the following technique extensively it is very essential to held public conversation and ask people if they are happy to make their faces tool for the security of the nation.

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