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Amazon Might Be Developing A Robot Based On Alexa—Report

The hype around Amazon Prime Day might just take a backseat now after the company’s plans for its upcoming products were reported by Bloomberg. The list mainly includes products centered around the Alexa and Echo technologies. The highlight of that list though could be the Alexa-based home robot that will help you with possibly everything. The robot will be called ‘Vesta’ and is expected to be around 3ft tall and will operate on HD cameras while moving on wheels.

Amazon is planning to integrate Alexa in as many products as possible and well might integrate Echo as well into Vesta. The only thing known about what Vesta could do for you is just follow you and be available to help when needed. What that help exactly can be hasn’t been revealed at all yet. Pretty obviously, Vesta will give you the weather updates and help you connect a call with any of your contacts. These robots reaching the market is still a farfetched tale that stands years away for now. However, if Amazon does manages to pull it off, it will be interesting to see how users get acquainted to the all new humanoid. Amazon has been hiring engineers from other projects reportedly to bring Vesta some more sustainability. It would be skeptic for users to have such a robot around them despite them using all the smart devices for quite a while now. Vesta will however open up an all new range of smart technologically driven products for users in the coming future.

Talking of virtual assistants, Google’s Assistant has come under scrutiny for leaked recordings of command given by users. The company has admitted to the same and has stated that the leak of recordings was against its data security policies, while justifying the recordings of user commands.

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