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Domino’s Trials Cashless Deliveries And Stores In Australia

Domino’s is trialing cashless shops, with users only being capable of using their card, contactless transactions (such as Android Pay or ApplePay), Instagift cards, or PayPal to purchase their pizzas both in shop and when they have delivery orders. The test is operating at 5 regions in Australia.

CEO of Domino’s New Zealand and Australia, Nick Knight, stated that it will cut lines in store and lower wait times for delivery (although that may be a stretch if users pay at the counter by signing into their PayPal accounts). He also recommended that the decision will assist protect workers, as stores and delivery drivers will not carry any cash.

Australia is an intriguing trialing ground for payments only via electronic. A research commissioned in 2018 by the Australian Taxation Office discovered that only 1/5th of people prefer employing cash when they purchase something, while 18–34-year-olds are more expected to ask for a price cut when they pay using physical cash. In the meantime, people in Australia can no longer make cash buyouts more than $15,000 after a law that went live this month.

Domino’s knows that some people will prefer to pay using cash, whether because of privacy concerns or owing to convenience. “We know there are some alternatives that will deal with these issues,” a spokesperson of Domino claimed to the media.

On a related note, Domino’s earlier decided make autonomous delivery of pizza a practical reality. The company has disclosed plans to deliver food to “selected” users in Houston later this year with the help of self-driving R2 cars by Nuro. If you order online from a selected shop and are a bit of lucky, you will get the preferred robotic courier. Get that and you will receive a PIN code to open the compartment on the R2 and take your pizza.

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