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Amazon To Be Held Accountable For Faulty 3rd-Party Goods On Its Platform

Amazon can go to court over 3rd-party sales on its website, a federal court claimed this week, setting a possible damaging model for the firm.

While Amazon trades products itself, it also lets merchants to sell their goods via its Marketplace service, taking a portion in the procedure. In late 2014, a female named Heather Oberdorf brought a dog collar from a seller on Marketplace, but it got damaged on a walk, sending the leash flying and blinding her eye permanently. The seller has not been identified, but Oberdorf took legal action against Amazon, blaming the firm of carelessness.

A Pennsylvania district court discovered that Amazon could not be sued since it was not a “seller” below the law, and since it is defended by the Communications Decency Act’s Section 230, which offers protection to services from the deeds of the people employing those services.

But Oberdorf appealed the verdict, and this week, the appeals court majorly took her side. In the ruling, the court claimed that Amazon cab be held responsible for its role in the sales process. The court also claimed that Amazon is defended for “speech” on its service, but was not essentially defended for the sale of products in the actual world. The court sent some of claims by Oberdorf for further review to a lower court.

On a related note, earlier in May, Amazon launched a new Alexa functionality that makes it simple to remove your voice history. It seems that, this can be pretty helpful if you do not need Amazon to keep copies of your Alexa chats. In a letter sent to Delaware Sen. Chris Coons, the tech behemoth has disclosed that it keeps your voice transcripts and recordings till you delete them manually. Even if you select to wipe out your voice recordings, Amazon will still keep copy of Alexa chats having specific details.

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