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China Snubs US Sanctions On Iranian Oil Exports—Report

A day before the summit meets of G20 between China and the US, an awkward declaration has made the international business format tremble down in pain. While US has imposed a Zero policy for Iran in its export of oil, and forcing them to sign in the nuclear treaty, China interfered on their own relationship with Iran.

The foreign minister of the state declared that the US government is not having any authority to punish some nation for they are not acting according to their wish. Hence, despite the ban on exporting oil to other nations, China decided to import oil from Iran, stating humble attitude by saying that the nation’s major income stands on oil and hence with stoppage of export of such, the nation will face financial crisis.

On the support of their statement, they also stated that they won’t obey the statement of US, and also stated that US has no right to direct other nations to do what they feel right to be done. Hence, they will continue to import oil from Iran.

Both US president and Xi of China refused to make any comment on the same as both of them were focused more on the G20 meet that they are having the next day. However, the negotiation of US and China and list of the bar on tariffs as well as on Huawei has been recorded as the decision that has been negotiated through the bipartite meeting, but any negotiation on the regard of Iran and its ban has not been discussed in the meet.

Meanwhile, a ship of oil has been sent from Iran, but to which nation that has been exported has not been reported. So the entire world is looking at the strand of super nations in this use, as minute change here would raise the price of oil to $1000 for each barrel.

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