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Tesla Beat Production And Delivery Estimates, Shares Jump

Tesla’s shares have increased by 7% when they announced its latest figures, which is better than previous delivery and production records during Q2. It was over analyst expectations by a wide margin. Tesla also stated that it was entering Q3 with a number of backlog orders, signaling good times for the company.

Elon Musk had increased expectations when he stated via email that Tesla would be breaking delivery records during Q2. He lived up to his statement. Tesla delivered over 95200 cars during Q2, which was about 51.1% growth over the last quarter. This beat its previous high of 90700 deliveries, which happened in Q4 2018.

The company’s deliveries reflect its sales quantities since they’re the nearest approximation of sales. The figure is quite closely watched. Dan Ives of Wedbush stated that this was a good sign, although challenges remain. These numbers were beyond optimistic expectations and signaled a rebound by the company.

Estimated by analysts at 91,000, the current figures dwarfed those numbers. Only 63000 vehicles had been delivered in the Q1 period since Tesla was affected by transportation and declining demand issues. Tesla stated that delivery operations and global logistics were streamlined at greater volumes, which enabled working capital condition improvement and cost efficiency gains.

Over 7,400 vehicles are in transit, however, haven’t been delivered yet during Q2. These sales will come up in the Q3 report.

The company is facing threats on all sides as Jaguar, Ford and other companies are investing billions into EV lineups. Mercedes-Benz and VW have started taking orders for their EV models, with more coming down the road. Jaguar’s latest I-Pace wowed everyone at the NYAS, held in April.

Model 3 deliveries were at 77,550 compared to analyst estimations at 74,100. Model X and Model S deliveries were at 17,650, beating analyst estimations at 16,600. Ives stated that while the news was encouraging, it had to be sustained.

Tesla informed investors to expect 90,000–100,000 vehicle deliveries in Q2, with a likelihood of even more. It recently lost Peter Hochholdinger, VP of Production, who was among its best manufacturing executives. Tesla has fallen almost 33% since 2018. Current market value is at around $40 billion.

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