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Musk Reveals Tesla To Expand Its Services In Eastern Europe

Recently, Tesla CEO Elon Musk informed via tweet that the company is finally approaching to Eastern European region in response to a request from Ukrainian buyers.

Though Tesla has reached and is offering its EVs and services directly to most of the European region, still, several smaller regions in Eastern Europe are devoid of Tesla’s direct services.

According to Electrek’s reports, Tesla has been escalating its expansion plans. By the year-end, it would start delivering services in Iceland and the Czech Republic too.

Purchasing Tesla EVs from other countries and supplying them to the markets or regions, where Tesla has not officially introduced its services is raising several issues, and Ukrainian residents are one of the victims.

The major issues that Ukrainian buyers are facing, includes the availability of Superchargers and Service centers in the region. Therefore, the local owners have appealed to deploy Superchargers and establishing Service centers in Ukraine.

Apart from Eastern European markets, decent demand for Tesla is appearing in other countries across the globe. In Russia, where no Supercharger stations, appropriate internet support, and the official Tesla services are available; still, hundreds of people have kept imported Tesla vehicles.

On a similar note, Tesla has been relying for years on Panasonic’s batteries power its EVs, but soon Tesla may move towards a major step of independence. According to a few Tesla employees, the company is working on developing its sole lithium-ion batteries as well as the giant production facilities to manufacture the batteries, reported by CNBC. The research task for the battery is reportedly being conducted at “skunkworks” facility, which is few minutes away from Tesla’s Fremont plant.

The reason behind developing its own batteries is obvious. This would allow Tesla to optimize the battery packs according to the type of vehicle, such as high-accelerating cars, long-range electric SUV, or heavy performance electric trucks. This could even cut the overall cost of the vehicles by the elimination of third-party battery-manufacturing company.

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