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Amazon Financially Supports STEM Programs In Seattle Schools

Maybe with an eye on the next gen of employees that may be keen in coding or in operating on its delivery bots, Amazon is funding robotics and computer science programs in its Seattle home base at almost 30 public schools. From this winter, the Future Engineer Robotics funding will offer schools with extended access to a private tour of a robotics fulfillment center of Amazon and computer science learning. The schools will also receive support to deploy FIRST robotics teams, comprising professional development in robotics for teachers.

FIRST, which was co-established by Dean Kamen (Segway inventor), motivates teens to get comprised in technology and science via mentor-supported robotics programs and initiatives in schools. It offers the curriculum for the robotics funding. Amazon is already showing support for 100 schools all over 22 states via the Future Engineer initiative, with which it plans to assist 10 Million children and teens from underserved and underrepresented societies explore careers in computer science and coding each year.

“This association with Amazon will offer our students the chance to see engineers who appear like them—which offers a huge advantage and makes a faster course to students envisioning a future in a STEM region,” Denise Juneau, superintendent at Seattle Public Schools, claimed to the media in an interview. “Making educational journeys such as these assist make sure our students are prepared for career, college, and life.”

On a related note, if you are seeking to purchase an Amazon device or new Echo, you might need to hold on to your money for a few more days. The annual Prime Day by Amazon in 2019 will begin on July 15th and will last for 2 Days. The e-commerce behemoth extended 2018’s Prime Day to 36 Hours, but now it is offering Prime users a complete 2 Days to shop.

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