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Best Buy Shops Will Shortly Offer Apple-Approved Repairs

This week, Apple declared that it is joining hands with Best Buy in an effort to extend its service network. Users can now select from almost 1,000 Best Buy shops all over the US for repairs and service on Apple devices. As fraction of the extension, the Geek Squad by Best Buy has almost 7,600 newly Apple-approved technicians, who can service different Apple products and make similar-day iPhone repairs. As we learned earlier this year, Best Buy will also gather iPhones in order to recycling.

The association will be particularly appreciated in places where the nearest Apple store is way to remote—such as Sioux City, Iowa; Yuma, Ariz; and Twin Falls, Idaho—or the queue at the Genius Bar is longer as compared to what you would like. Although, apart from Apple retail shops there are more than 1,800 3rd-party authorized service suppliers in the US. That is 3 times as many spots as 3 Years back, and as per the firm, almost 8 out of 10 Apple users will be inside 20 Minutes of an authorized service supplier.

On a related note, Microsoft and Apple partnered up to make an iCloud Drive service that will expectantly solve some problems regarding compatibility. A brand new Windows iCloud app is accessible for Windows 10 consumers in the Microsoft Store. The iCloud app will employ the same tech as OneDrive’s On-Demand feature by Microsoft—a very rare association from two biggest rivals in the tech segment. Consumers can now simply access photos, mail, videos, files, calendars, and other data from their PC or smartphone from their iCloud accounts.

Any proud Windows consumer who has opted for Apple machines will agree presumably: the earlier iCloud for Windows was worse. Last winter, devices with iCloud downloaded were even barred from downloading the newest Windows 10 update.

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