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Space Adviser To Air Force Sec Resigns—Latest Report

According to the sources it has been revealed that, John Stopher has resigned; he was working as a principal assistant at the Air Force for space. Back on June 18, 2019 John Stopher sent his resignation letter to the US President. Through the letter Stopher had indicated that he might head back to work in a private sector.

He said that he is willing to return to work in private sector in collaboration with other scientists who are ready to bring some radical changes in the field of science and technology.

Stopher also apprised employees of Air Force for their accomplishments and contributions. Through his letter to the President, Stopher conveyed that the American Air Force is the greatest in the whole world. Due to Air Force, the Country was able to complete several space related programs with efficacy. He also said that Air Force will provide its Airmen sophisticated tools with which they will be able to conclude even the toughest tasks in an easiest way possible.

Back in August 2017, Stopher had joined the Air Force on the post of deputy undersecretary. Then, in April 2019, John Stopher was handed the post of principal assistant. Recently, he was working in collaboration with Heather Wilson, who was the former secretary to the Air Force. Heather got retired back in May 31, 2019. Before that Wilson had created a blueprint for space service establishment.

After Wilson’s departure, Stopher was handed the task for space service establishment. John Stopher was the integral part of Air Force as well as DoD team. The main task of the team was to provide thorough briefing to the Space Force of Pentagon. Back in the month of May 2019, he was awarded with Decoration for Exceptional Civilian Service. The award was given by Heather Wilson.

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