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President Trump Indulges In Twitter Attack On Mayor Sadiq Khan Over London Violence

US President Trump launched a scathing Twitter attack on London Mayor Sadiq Khan over five vicious attacks that occurred in London in less than a day. He further called him a disgrace to the nation and stated that he was responsible for the destruction of the country’s capital city.

The President’s comments were in response to a post by Katie Hopkins one of UK’s right wing commentator on the violent attacks that occurred over the weekend in the city which led to three fatalities and three injuries.

Mr. Khan’s spokesman retorted that the mayor’s thoughts were focused on the families of the victims and on offering support to the local communities and emergency services rather than indulging in wasteful twitter responses.

Labor leader, Jeremy Corbyn retorted on the inappropriateness of President Trump tweets and felt that the mayor was rightfully doing his job.

The first attack which took place in south London on Friday left one 18 year old man dead. Next death was 19 year old Eniola Aluko’s in south-east London, ten minutes later. The third death involved stabbing of a 30 year old man on Saturday noon. Besides, another three stabbings occurred on Saturday early morning.

Several arrests have taken place since the murders and Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the Met Police stated that all officers continue their efforts to track down culprits spreading violence within the communities.

It is not the first time that President Trump and London Mayor Sadiq Khan have had an open spat with one another.  There have been several occasions of give and take of bitter comments on both their part in the past.

The official figures of homicide deaths for 2018 totaled 82 while the number for the current year up to now had reached 56. Greater London had reported about 136 homicidal deaths in 2018 which amounted to a murder rate of 1.5 killings per 100,000 residents.

New York department statistics was twice as high!

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