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NASA Astronaut Clicks Amazing Picture Of Uluru From ISS

Uluru, earlier called the Ayers Rock, is an enormous sandstone monolith positioned at the heart of the dry Red Centre of Australia. The rusty red rock is recognized as the world-over as it appears over the otherwise desolate desert. However, Uluru has been marked as nearly identifiable in an image captured by a NASA astronaut onboard the ISS (International Space Station).

Saint-Jacques, a Canadian Space agency astronaut, commenced on his first-ever ISS operation in December 2018, wherein he is active carrying out science experiments and assessing technology. And this ISS crew member, last weekend, posted a picture of Uluru that he snapped from 408 km above (250 miles) as he revolved around the Earth. On Facebook, Saint-Jacques mentioned, “Sunrise over the holy Uluru, also known as Ayres rock of Central Australia. I was overwhelmed by how simple it was to be seen from space.”

It’s not the foremost instance Saint-Jacques has posted images from outer space. Earlier this year, the astronomer had tweeted another image of central Australia barren interior. The picture of Uluru right away went viral on the social media platform, gathering over 2000 likes, more than 150 shares, and over 120 comments.

Commenters are entirely enthralled by the image, with Joanne Kittle saying, “That is incredible!” Fran Hughes mentioned, “Amazing image. Astounding how I can see what you have observed from space.” And further Janice Theriault concisely summed-up, what all of us are feeling, with “Wow!”

On the other end, as Cassini of NASA sunk close to Saturn in its concluding year, the rover offered intricate information on the workings of complex rings of Saturn, as shown by a new study. Though the operation terminated in 2017, science carries on to flow from the gathered information. A new study issued in Science portrays findings from four Cassini instruments marking their closest-ever study of the main rings.

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