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Lionsgate-Redbox Deal Keeps New Films In Kiosks

Lionsgate has inked a multi-year deal with Redbox on its movies—comprising day-and-date distribution for its CDs. Movies from the studio will be accessible for rental at 42,000 kiosks of Redbox on the same day when they are open for sale. It is a good sign for the DVD rental provider, which carries on staying in business in spite of drops in rentals and disc sales since the arrival of streaming.

“This new agreement lets Redbox to lean forward into Lionsgate content in a more influential manner all over our digital and physical services,” Galen Smith, Redbox CEO, claimed to the media in an interview. “We are thankful for the sustained association that lets us to provide users more option when planning a meaningful movie night with family and friends.”

Previously this year, Redbox inked a multi-year deal with Sony to make its movies accessible for rental on the same day of sale. It also has distribution agreements with Universal Pictures and Warner.

As streaming suppliers such as Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video carry on to dominate and major media firms such as Warner Media and Disney gear up their own streaming offerings, Redbox is making effort to just stay in the race. The firm launched out 4K Blu-ray Ultra HD rentals in specific markets previous month.

It rolled out its own pay-per-view streaming offering, Redbox On Demand, earlier in December 2017, and has increased the number of available movies to 3 times. But the future still seems grim. As per Digital Entertainment Group, while people in the US invest a record $23.3 Billion in 2018 on entertainment, rentals and sales of Blu-ray discs and DVDs carry on to drop.

On a related note, Warner Media earlier ordered a Dune: The Sisterhood series for its next streaming offering that will cover the unexplained Bene Gesserit order and its complicated “superbeing” breeding series.

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