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Licensing Fees Of $1 Billion And Plus To Be Paid By Verizon; Asks Huawei

Recently, one of the spokesperson of Huawei stated that Verizon Communication is bound to pay hefty licensing fees for more than 230 patents. Back on Wednesday, spokesperson of Huawei demanded for more than $1 billion as a licensing fee from Verizon Communications.

Back in February 2019, one of the licensing executives of Huawei stated that Verizon Communication should resolve the patent issues right away. The spokesperson of Huawei stated that most of the patents were related to wireless infrastructure, network equipment etc.

Since past one year Huawei and the American government is in a great deal of conflict. Moreover, experts of National Security showcased their concern for loop holes in routers and switches supplied by Huawei which can make the Chinese government to spy over important data. Contrary to this, the CEO of Huawei has denied every other allegation made by the American government.

Most of the US firms which are involved in the patent feud made the government aware that the present situation might have taken place due to the Trade War between US and China. Last week the representatives of Verizon Communications and Huawei had a meeting in New York. There, the representatives talked over patent issue and infringement of licensing.

When the media questioned Rich Young he said that there are many other firms involved in the patent issue. He also said that the present issue can also cause disruption in International political matters. T-mobile US, Sprint as well as AT&T didn’t make any comments when media questioned them regarding the present issue.

On May, 2019, US blacklisted Huawei. Now, the Chinese mobile maker has to take permission from the American government if it wants to do any business dealings with US firms. At present, US officials are also trying to extradite Meng Wanzhou after she got arrested in Canada. The arrest took place in December 2018. Since then the Chinese government has put a ban on the import of Canadian canola.

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