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Patients With ‘White Coat Hypertension’ Cannot Ignore Medication, Suggests New Research

A new research has suggested that “white coat hypertension” may require medication. This condition is when a person’s blood pressure is found to be normal at home and when it increases at a doctor’s desk. As per the study which was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine journal, it was found that people with this particular condition who do not take medication for hypertension are at twice the risk of facing a death from heart diseases compared to people having normal values of blood pressure.

The force of the flow of blood through the arteries, capillaries and the veins is measured by blood pressure. When the force is large, it leads to a high blood pressure or a hypertension state. A value above 130/90 is normally considered to be high pressure. The first number indicates the pressure within the vessels as the heart is beating and is termed as systolic pressure. The second number indicates the pressure when the heart is in its rest state and is termed as diastolic pressure.

The exact causes of hypertension are still unknown to doctors. According to research about one-fifth of the US adults have this condition. The researchers from the Penn Medicine had reviewed about 27 studies wherein more than 64,000 people from US, Asia and Europe were involved. Compared to those people who had normal pressure at home and office, those with white coat hypertension had an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and subsequent deaths.

There was a 36% increase in the risk of developing heart diseases in patients who were not treated for hypertension. There was also 33% increase in the death caused from any cause and a 109% increase in risk of death due to heart diseases. It was also found that the risk of cardiovascular diseases and subsequent deaths were lesser in people who were taking medication for this particular condition.

The risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and deaths was neither too strong nor too weak and was in the middle in case of people with hypertension ad was lower compared to those people who had a consistent high pressure. It was said that monitoring the pressure at home would be practical way to keep track of one’s blood pressure however the accuracy of the device should be taken care of in home monitoring.

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