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Future Fetal Tissue Research Placed Under Limits In The US

On Wednesday, department of HHS in United States said that it is not going to renew the contract for research on fetal tissue with University of California which expired on Wednesday. This decision is taken in review of the research done with the help of tissue of aborted fetuses.

Health and Human Service agency also made an announcement for the measures to limit researches done on fetal tissue. The agency said that among other top priorities of administration of President Trump is encouraging the dignity of life of humans from conception till natural death.

According to statement, the program audit helped in informing the policy process which led to the letting the contract with UCS Fexpire. The chancellor of UCSF, Sam Hawgood mentioned that university strongly disagrees with the abrupt decision taken by HHS on Wednesday. Hawgood said that at UCSF, the action taken on Wednesday ended a partnership of 30 years with NIH for using specifically designed models which can be developed using fetal tissue only for finding the cure of HIV.

He said that UCSF complied with all the federal and state laws. They believe that this decision is shortsighted and politically motivated and not taken considering science.

Fetal tissue is in use since 1930s for developing vaccine and recently for helping advance research on stem cell and for treatment of degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s disease. Among other early advances through fetal tissue, one was using cells of fetal kidney for creating the vaccine of poliovirus that in the present time is said to save550,000 lives every year worldwide.

The review led to decision of discontinuing intramural research which was conducted in NIH. This research also involved the use of fetal tissue of humans from elective abortion. HHS said that intramural research which requires new fetal tissue acquisition through elective abortions is not going to be conducted.

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