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Fetal Tissue Research Ban May Prove Detrimental To Life-Saving Medical Research

Scientists and doctors are not happy with the decision of Trump’s administration to reduce the funding for the research of fetal tissue. They are saying that fetal tissue is very important for the medical research.

The administration had announced on Wednesday that it would be reducing the federal spending for the medical research which uses fatal tissues of elective abortions. This move would have an impact on the projects of research at the University of California and the National Institutes of Health. The people who supported Trump’s decision have associated the research to the marketplace which deals with the body part of aborted babies.

Researchers have strongly disagreed to this kind of a portrayal, and say that research projects of fetal tissue are meticulously screened. The vice president of the advocacy and policy for Research! America, Ellie Dehoney, said that there is usually a misconception that the research of fetal tissue is wild west. Dehoney added that every research grant is carefully looked at and if a project is selected, it means that the project is beneficial for advancing science and this is believed by those scientists who are not involved with the research of the project.

The American Medical Association supports the research of fetal tissue. It has a detailed ethics code on how such research should be done. The chancellor of the California University, Sam Hawgood, said that the research of the university using fetal tissue for finding a cure for HIV has been now stopped by Trump’s decision. He added that UCSF exercised proper oversight and have complied all federal and state.

Since 1930s, fetal cells are being used for research, and government has been funding such research from 1950s. Then it used to form the greatest medical advances in the 20th century – the polio vaccine. From that time fatal cells have been used in many projects.

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