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Fujitsu, Autonomic Alliance To Create MaaS Model For Global Autogiants

Fujitsu and Autonomic, a subsidiary of Ford Smart Mobility, have entered into a joint venture to offer OEMs worldwide with a fast and flexible solution to support the transformation of the automotive industry into MAAS mobility as a service model. Taking advantage of Autonomic’s expertise in cloud-connected vehicle services and Fujitsu’s technology and experience integration capabilities in the automotive space, companies will initially include the Fujitsu and Transport Mobility Cloud (TMC).

With the growth of connected cars, autonomous driving, service sharing, and electric vehicles, the automotive industry is evolving into an ecosystem that is service-led, otherwise known as mobility-as-service. This would require a fast and flexible mobility service platform capable of rapidly processing the huge amount of data generated by mobility innovation, as well as simplifying access to and optimizing these data. Through the new partnership, Fujitsu and Autonomic will unite their business vision, industry knowledge and digital technologies to speed up the recognition of mobility as a service.

Autonomic’s TMC could provide car manufacturers and developers with the infrastructure to create customer experiences for connected vehicles. Backed by AWS, TMC connects various elements of urban mobility systems such as connected vehicles, personal mobile devices, mass transit, urban infrastructure and service providers to coordinate a more sustainable, efficient, secure transport network. With TMC, Autonomic offers a flexible and secure platform that provides car manufacturers and other developers with the building blocks needed for connected mobility applications, traffic planning, autonomous car routes, and large-scale fleet management.

Fujitsu delivers a deep experience in OEM system integration for mobility technologies and services, including Fujitsu’s flow data processing technology (Dracena). This solution enhancement speeds the deployment of mobility services to individual customers through the continuous and dynamic processing of large amounts of IoT data from OEMs, insurers and other vertical inputs. As part of the alliance, Fujitsu will also offer access to its broader digital services, consulting, and solutions as well as its global sales network to improve sales.

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