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AI Helps Detect Mutations Believed To Cause Autism

DNA having mutations are by default considered to be a cause for the onset of a particular but in reality the genes not responsible instead it lies in the 99% of the genome that was earlier termed as junk. The scientists have recently come to terms that the lengthy DNA strands do play a vital role and help decoded the effects that have till date remained clueless.  The machine learning has supported the Princeton University team to decode the functional effects of such mutations in people dealing with autism. The powerful method is believed to be applicable for identifying most of the genetic diseases.

For more evidence, researchers had families of an autistic patient tested. The method helped detect around 120,000 mutations that were found to affect the behavior of genes in autistic people. The results may not give exact causes of autism but instead revealed thousands of possible contributors. The identification of mutations in the gene can help make diagnosis easier. The gene’s help make proteins as well as control the body. The mutations in the proteins can entirely disrupt its function. The possibility of scanning the entire genome that regulates the genes and the prediction of mutations in the regulatory DNA that onset the disease was considered to be next to impossible.

According to Professor Olga Troyanskaya, the new method could help draw an outline for further analysis of the disease. The detection of cancer, heart disease, neurological disorders, and other diseases could be possible using this approach. The thinking towards the causes of those diseases can be completely transformed. The algorithm slides through the entire genome for analyzing every chemical pair present. Kang Zhang at the University of California used artificial intelligence to detect illness in the children. The deep learning helps connect the child’s symptoms, medical charts, illness history, and laboratory tests so as to carry out the illness diagnosis.

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