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Soundtrap Needs To Make Podcast Editing As Simple As Using Google Docs

The music-editing software firm controlled by Spotify, Soundtrap, is rolling out a new product this week that is particularly developed to make podcast editing simpler. The new tool, dubbed as Soundtrap for Storytellers, is a web-based, full podcast production software that lets consumers to edit, record, and master their audio. Its most impressive function is how easy it is supposed to make editing: users can just slash words out of an automated transcript of their chat, and the modifications will be reflected automatically in the audio.

The feature is developed to function similar to Google Docs, claims Per Emanuelsson (Soundtrap CEO). It is even collaborative, allowing various users edit a project simultaneously. “It has a full production atmosphere,” Emanuelsson claims. “With everything you require squarely in the tool.” The app appears to be directly targeted at motivating amateur and new podcasters to make shows, while also driving podcast catalog of Spotify.

On a related note, normally when you click on the now-playing menu while using Spotify on your handset, it shows a static picture associated to the song you are playing. But now, media noticed one song on the playlist, Superorganism’s “Everybody Wants To Be Famous,” rather showed a looped clip in the background instead of normal artwork. The clip, which various users have also now seen on their Spotify accounts, lasts via the complete song and is accredited to Superorganism.

Media reached to Spotify to see if this is something we may be seeing a lot, but a company spokesperson claimed that they had nothing to declare at this time. So it seems that this is only a test. None of the other music on the playlist presently has an accompanying clip and the function does not appear to expand to the desktop application.

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