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Alexa Guard Is All Set To Convert Your Echo Into A Home Security Machine

It took over 6 months to come to fruition, but Alexa Guard by Amazon is at last a reality. Beginning this week, people in the US can employ their Echo devices as home security machines. Just tell Alexa “I’m leaving” and your machines will warn you via handset alerts if they hear a CO2 alarm, glass breaking, or a smoke alarm. You can employ a Drop In call to check if there is anything wrong, and send notification to Amazon’s own Ring or ADT if you have professional security services via a different brand.

In the same manner, you can take benefit of Away Lighting to make it appear like you are at home, with ML flicking lights off and on the basis of its understanding of typical user behavior. Not shockingly, your voice can disarm or arm Ring systems or ADT (Pulse or Control).

The function is free if you posses an Echo speaker and only needs delving into the Guard segment to get started in settings. You may not get it instantly as it is slowly launching out.

On a related note, it emerged earlier that a number of Amazon workers are studying some recordings on Alexa (which are snapped after you have spoken the wake word). The auditors annotate, transcribe, and analyze a bunch of instructions to assist enhance Alexa. But it appears these employees can view consumers’ personal data as well, as per media. At least some workers are claimed to have had access to addresses, location data, and phone numbers.

There is no sign any employees have attempted to look up a user’s home with the help of the info from these tools. On the other hand, the fact they were capable of accessing more data than they maybe require to may be cause for worry.

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