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Astronauts Bring Large Magellanic Cloud Alive With 240 Megapixel Picture

Austin Powers would have called a quasi galaxy as Large Magellanic Cloud, which is only 1% the size of Milky Way and revolving around it similar to a hanger-on. Situated almost 163,000 Light Years away from Earth, you may think it might take a huge observatory or a space telescope similar to Hubble to do it justice. But the 240-megapixel picture shows the Magellanic Cloud in colorful & incredible detail. The image was snapped by a small group dubbed as Ciel Austral with the help of a telescope just 160mm (6.3 Inches) across in Chile.

Ciel Austral is a group of 5 very excited amateur French astronauts, Philippe Bernhard, Jean Claude Canonne, Nicolas Outters, Didier Chaplain, and Laurent Bourgon, who operate and own their personal telescope in northern Chile. The image having a resolution of 14400×14200 pixel was put together from almost 4,000 different pictures that needed 6.3 Weeks (1,060 Hours) of exposures shot between July 2017 and January 2019. It took eight Days for two computers to join together the images, and an additional two months to process the 620 Gigabytes of information.

On a related note, if you are wondering what a black hole look likes, then the answer is probably black. And huge. That sounds pretty indistinct, but as a black hole’s gravitational forces are so strong even light is attracted by them, we have never had a comprehensive picture of one before. Till now. Earlier, researchers from 6 cities all over the globe will reveal the first ever picture of a black hole dubbed as Sagittarius A*.

Researchers have long examined the impacts of black holes on the space, but owing to their light-devouring characteristics, it is never been achievable to snap a picture of the supposed event horizon, where energy and matter can no longer run from the clutches of hole.

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