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Stem Cell Researchers Clear One More Challenge To Make Transplant Arteries

Cardiovascular illness is a major reason of death all over the world, and curing it is not simple. The disease creates havoc on blood vessels of the patients and can need complicated bypass surgery.

Researchers at the Morgridge Institute for Research are operating toward a vision of making artery banks—similar to blood banks ordinary these days—with readily-accessible material to restore impacted arteries at the time of surgery.

The newest work in the lab of James Thomson (regenerative biologist at Morgridge) places the science one step nearer to that objective.

In a paper posted in Stem Cell Reports, the Thomson Lab underlines an enhanced method to develop smooth muscle cells, one of the 2 cellular developing blocks of arteries, from pluripotent stem cells. The invention also verifies a possible drug for lowering post-surgical dangers in people who undergo bypass operation.

“We determined to aim on blood vessels since cardiovascular disease is a primary cause of death all over the world,” Thomson claims. “For example, in the US, stroke and heart disease are the No. 1 and No. 3 causes of death, respectively. And this work also has use cases beyond creating vessels for transplantation; it is kind of a foundation stone to more enhanced tissue engineering.”

On a related note, our skin, hair, and eyes are colored by melanin pigment, which is created by melanocytes pigment cells. Researchers have employed stem cell tech to productively make melanocyte predecessor cells. These cells can be employed in study on melanoma and other pigment cell-associated diseases. The results were posted in the online edition of Pigment Cell & Melanoma Research.

Irregularities in pigment cells can impact us in many manners, from freckles caused by aging to genetic disorders such as albinism. When melanocytes turn out to be malignant melanoma they lead to kind of skin cancer dubbed melanoma.

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