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NASA Spaceship To Crash A Small Asteroid System In 2022

Recently, the U.S. space agency—NASA—disclosed details regarding its plan to strike a small moonlet target in a twofold asteroid system with a spaceship in 2022, its first assignment to reveal a planetary defense technique. The asteroid—known as Didymoon or Didymos B—is a lunar asteroid nearly 150 Meters in height with tracking a larger body Didymos A, which is the most available asteroid of its volume from the Earth. A global campaign is now doing observations by utilizing powerful telescopes wide-reaching to know the state of the asteroid system.

Andy Rivkin—Co-Lead of the Investigation Team—said, “The Didymos system is quite small and distant to be observed, but we can get the information we require by calculating the brightness of that end of the light, which modifies as Didymos A revolves and Didymos B orbits.” Scientists are still not certain regarding the target’s arrangement, whether it is composed of loose rubble, solid rock, or “softer” sand. A soft surface will suck up much of the collision force and might not be pushed as significantly as if a spaceship hit a harder surface. But the NASA team would eventually observe the asteroid system closely from an Italian-made imager. The spacecraft called DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) would take an optical navigation network to take images that would assist the spacecraft in reaching its target.

Recently, NASA’ was in news as the agency plans for a human lunar landing that is aimed for 2024 takes shape. Sometime in 2024, an SLS (Space Launch System) rocket would launch from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, carrying an Orion spaceship. The assignment—which is just the second with space scientists on board and the third for the SLS-Orion combination—would send the Orion to the locality of the Moon.

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