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Microsoft To Give A Complete Linux Kernel In The Latest Windows 10

Microsoft has shocked most of the people in the Linux creator society in last few years. Shocks have comprised bringing things such as the native OpenSSH in Windows 10, or Bash shell to Windows, and even adding SUSE Linux, Ubuntu, and Fedora in the OS Store. Microsoft is now getting one step forward, with aims to give a complete Linux kernel squarely in Windows 10.

“Starting this summer with Windows Insiders builds, we will add a custom-built in-house Linux kernel to strengthen the latest edition of the WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux),” claims Jack Hammons, Microsoft program manager, to the media in an interview. “The kernel itself will at the start be supported on version 4.19, the long-term newest stable version of Linux. The kernel will be renovated at the base of long-term new stable builds to make sure that the WSL kernel forever has the newest Linux decency.”

The integration by Microsoft of Linux in Windows 10 will interact with a userspace downloaded using the OS Store. It is a huge move for the company, and symbolizes the first time that the kernel will be added as fraction of Windows. It seems like this integration of Linux kernel will be accessible later in 2019, with an OS update that is dubbed as 19H2 internally.

On a related note, Microsoft began its Build developer event this week in Seattle with an awkward beginning. The software behemoth was believed to display a remake of the Apollo moon landing using its headsets—HoloLens 2. Rather, the demo was unsuccessful, a nightmare for anybody seeing the live feed. “Well, it appears doing a live demonstration is in fact difficult as compared to the moon landing,” claimed Andrew Chaikin, author of “A Man on the Moon,” to the media in an interview. “Thank you for your precious time,” he further added in his statement.

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